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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Dismal Failure of Ken Ham, Creationism, and Intelligent Design

It amuses me greatly to watch the anti-science crowd contort themselves into perverted shapes in their efforts to discredit sound science.  Their mendacity is astounding.
They know they are just making pathetically crafted arguments.  They know it very well.  Their plan is not to prove the science wrong.  Their plan is to obfuscate science in the minds of their hapless minions.  They think that creating doubt in the minds of their ignorant and gullible followers is the way to perpetuate their power and authority.  The problem is, it is not working, and funny enough, most of them admit it.

Ken Ham has done studies, written books, and continues to use those studies to scare people into giving him money.  Demonization of opponents is all they've got; all the while scaring away anyone with a bit of sense or education. 
And, what are the results of their study?  The results and conclusion is that they must] begin the indoctrination of their children at younger ages and sequester them from society in general to achieve their plan of complete and total cultural conditioning.  No room for free expression or inquiry. 
Everyone is sorely aware of Ken Ham's supercilious attacks on everything not AIG.  He now lashes out almost daily at the boogie men he sees under his bed and in his closets.  His rambling exhortations are the antithesis of perspicuity, yet he is his own worst enemy and here is the reason why.

When we look at the veracity of the vast conclusions of science, it is obvious that the scientific method and the vetting process works to a very high degree.  If nothing more, we can look around us and see the results of our technical and scientific accomplishments, but it just so happens that the only science that the deniers oppose, is the science that shows them in error.  Then, rather than merely state that God is capable of anything he chooses, they lay out their jejune hypotheses while eliding the evidence to the contrary and offering no record of evidence or experimentation of their own doing.

One of my personal favorites is their penurious hypothesis of "Hydraulic Sorting of Animals During the Flood."   I can hardly type while laughing out loud.  What really amazes me is that they think no one will notice that they do not have a hypothesis of the hydraulic sorting of Plants during the flood, and the reason why is that the way that plants appear in the geologic column shows the least biologically complex plants at the lowest strata and becoming more complex the farther up the column we go.  They claim that the tiny fauna sank to the bottom quickly while the larger animals bloated, floated and sunk later....orrrrrr.....ran to high ground to then be nicely covered by a completely different type of strata than the layer below.  First of all, there is no model that shows how this can be accomplished under swirling, or even stagnate waters and there is no flood plain on earth, as far as I know, where that type of sorting is observed.

But the plants?  Well, they are rooted down.... and the more evolved/ complex cannot run to high ground.  Of course their density (density of chlorophyll) is such that most of them would sink at about the same rate, yet here we find those plants in their rightful geologic locations.  The hypothesis of hydraulic sorting is vacuous and absurd beyond description.

What the creationists have failed to note, and the cause of their continued demise, is that any good religion has to have a magical supernatural being in control;  a mysterious entity that can annul the laws of nature as he sees fit, with the mystery being part of the mystique and the attraction to the religion.  They don't mind applying this magic to the virgin birth or the resurrection (for the most part, but I have seen some of them try to explain those events using their fractured conjectures) but when they try to explain the flood and other biblical events using pseudo science, they leave themselves wide open to attacks and incursions from without and within. On their decision to make the bible a science book they have painted themselves into the proverbial corner, since now they have no room for supernatural intervention.  But yet we find them often, when left with slack jaws at a challenge, appealing to the supernatural powers of their god.  It seems to me that to try to have their cake and eat it too is spelling their accelerated doom.

The weaknesses of intelligent design/ creationism, is its failure to offer a mechanism.
The Creationist's magical designer is not only unseen and unknown, but his alleged handiwork is detectable only to those who experience some mysterious revelation from reading he bible. 

It is my opinion that the creationists have bastardized their beliefs and destroyed the mystique of their own superstitions, opening them to logical and reasonable scrutiny of which they have no hope of overcoming.




Reynold said...

If nothing more, we can look around us and see the results of our technical and scientific accomplishments, but it just so happens that the only science that the deniers oppose, is the science that shows them in error.

As is shown by this cartoon where they pretend to love science:

There is an interesting story behind these cartoons, which deals with how xians and atheists deal with copyright laws!

Here's a whole list of AIG cartoon parodies.

Froggie said...

Thanks Reynold. Great stuff!