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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

First of all, thanks to all of you who toil in the name of humanity.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with and communicated with some great people over the years, some far more dedicated than I. But most of all it is the great and positive attitude of those who look at life as a challenge to make a positive effect on family, friends and their contributions to our society that inspire me. Have a great weekend!

The kids go back to school on Tuesday and that is the official end of summer up here. Yesterday we had our last outdoor gathering at the "Boat Club," "Swanie" and I barbecued one hundred chicken halves and a good time was had by all. This part of the Allegheny River is quite pristine and there were quite a few folks kayaking, swimming skiing, fishing etc, and we ate at 6 PM.
That first pic is the North end of the club.

I got "smoked" along with the chicken (basted with a couple brewskies) and was home by nine o'clock. There was a day when I would have been the last one there!

If you enlarge this pic, you can see my eyes are slits due to the "smoke."

The Corn Huskers, wife on the left.
The other two are natives of this area. One is a retired first grade teacher and the other teaches in a multi-cultural school in Harrisburgh. Her son flies "Stealth" aircraft.
BTW, the retired gal has some very, very funny stories about her adventures as a first grade teacher!
If you enlarge this one you can see what I used to ply the efforts of them to husk all the corn. hehehe

Our youngest son, a senior in H.S., and girlfriend.
His social schedule is quite demanding so we were surprised that he came in for dinner (only slight sarcasm.)

And here's my favorite eddy in the river in this area. The river stays very clean due to the fact that it is the longest gravel and sand bottomed river in the world.

Growing up on the Allegheny, it has been one of our most important sources of fun and all types of entertainment.
My ashes shall be interred right here.

And I hope my kids will come back to the club, sit here, look across the scene in that last pic, relax and say, "the ol' man is part of all that now, as he was in life."

I know they will have plenty of my misadventures to laugh about!

Take care, all,

Peace, and, out for now,


nonmagic said...

Dale, you have an absolutely beautiful family and that pic of the river made me miss being back east quite a bit. I miss seeing big green trees everywhere and these plain old desert brown mountains are getting to me.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us. Oh and happy Labor Day weekend!

Lord J-Bar said...


I go away for a little while, and when I find you're still misspelling amendment in your subtitles.

Anyway, I hope all is well with all the old DefCon folks.

Weemaryanne said...

There you are, and having a grand old time - great pix.

Don Rettmann said...

Thanks for the beautiful pics, Dale.

dale said...

Lord J-Bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could that be you?

I nearly fell out of my chair!!!

I have a million questions I want to ask you.
But just one, mostly. You still on the same "track?"

I am sure you are!

My son may be going to Warrent Officers Training soon. You might have some insights on that.

You've always been an incredible resource.

More later, I hope.

dale said...

NM, Wee, Don, Lord,Yahweh,

First of all, Don, Yahweh, and Lord J-Bar are old cronies from the DefCon days when we helped bring about the end of the peak of Christian Fundamentalism resulting in Democrats taking back the congress and senate.(In out own small ways!)

Those were heady times and culminated with the Dover Trial, which we thought would set the findies back 50 years, but here we find them still trying to get their bullshit crammed into science cirriculum.

Yawheh has also shown up he is ou legal beagal. Nothing happens in the courts that he doesn't know about.

Now I want to welcome Nonmagic, a smart cookie, in my book from Vegas area.

And, finally, my fellow satirist from Toronto, Weemaryanne.

I see LJB has a link to jis site so see ya late, /d

I am still chuckling about Lord showing up..
I am sure Don and Yahweh remembers too!

It would be almost perfect if Albatross would come by.

dale said...

You wrote,

"I miss seeing big green trees everywhere and these plain old desert brown mountains are getting to me."

I love the desert, dearly, but I tire of it relatively quickly too, but never tire of those blood red sunsets because of all the dust in the atmos.

dale said...

Lord J-Bar said...

I go away for a little while, and when I find you're still misspelling amendment in your subtitles.

Anyway, I hope all is well with all the old DefCon folks.


LOLOL! Man, I can't believe this.
Yes, I do remember the "first time." But, as you can now see, I have corrected the error of my way!

dale said...

Did I mention my fellow saririst from Toronto, Weemaryanne?

Beware, she likes poetry, especially in the form of Doggeral, and yes it is interesting in spite of the fact that your ears will fall off, if you're lucky.

dale said...


Never trust a person with a memory like you posess!

Don Rettmann said...

Hi, Lord J-Bar! Still attending West Point?

Everyone, isn't it a hoot that the 17 year old daughter of McInsane's fundie "christian" running mate is pregnant?

Will Palin claim it's going to be a virgin birth?

dale said...

You said,
"Everyone, isn't it a hoot that the 17 year old daughter of McInsane's fundie "christian" running mate is pregnant?"

Yeah, it's especially amusing that Palin is actively "abstinence only.'

Now they think it is so wonderful that the daughter is going to marry the kid that knoocker her up...Right, such a great basis for a long term relationship!

Here this girl will be expected to live with a decision to marry a guy while she is seventeen years old. I sure as hell would not want a seventeen year old kid making a life decision for me.

Too bad her mom and dad didn't show her how to protect herself so she could mature enough to make informed decisions.

Don Rettmann said...

Yup Dale, it appears that to Sarah Palin and the other bible beaters, ANY hetero marriage is a "traditional family value".

What bullshitters they are.

Reynold said...

In regards to your comment on Ray's blog in response to Jinx: You have him pegged! He used to post on TheologyWeb under the name of Jinx and TheLaughingMan until he had a hissy fit and left. <--need to be registered to see this. So, I'll just quote him.

Unsurprisingly (as I fully expected it knowing this place), I found myself "lightly matrixed" a few weeks ago. "Lightly matrixed (moderated)." What a joke! That meant that I could not access my profile, anyone else's profiles, or my private messages. Yeah, that's really "light." I also had my posts put in holding until someone approved them. Like the first time I was put in "light moderation," that approval never happened. My posts from then and now are still floating around the TWeb ether somewhere. Big surprise.

What was I "lightly moderated" for? Some slightly blue, PG-13 jokes. Here's another: some people here have their heads so far up their keisters that they find good-natured jokes far more offensive than the vile lies that atheists and other Christian-haters here spread on a regular basis. (Okay, so that wasn't a joke. Sue me. Or rather, "lightly mod" me.) They would rather that people see "God is a lie" than the word "bloody."

"OMIGOSH!!! TLM used the word 'bloody!' The horror! The horror!"
"Hey, Christian. God is a lie."
"Big deal! TLM used the word 'bloody!' Quick! Someone 'lightly' moderate him!"

I don't know about anyone else, but between seeing some occassional slightly off-color jokes/language and seeing the daily attacks on Christians, I would rather that my kids see the former. Unfortunately, the powers that be on TWeb have their priorities all fubar (that's FOULED UP, mods - non-offensive like when I told someone to "get bent" and you busted me for it).

So, so long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen. Get bent. I won't be returning.

Check out his sig line in his posts. GONE FOR GOOD BECAUSE THE MODS ARE FRICKIN' RETARDS

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If you sign up you can do a search for more of this. His attitude has always been like that, and he get a lot of lip back because of it.

Gandolf said...

Hi Froggie,i really enjoyed the photos of the wonderful scenery and folks enjoying life together.

Thanks for sharing.

Wishing you all all the best!.

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