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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ham Asking for Donations to Profit Himself and his Unnamed Cronies | Ark to be a For-Profit Entity

Ken Ham was shrieking about an article in Christianity Today where they claim funding for the Ark has slowed down.
Ken Ham responds:
...... had they contacted us directly about Ark donations, CT would have learned that funding is steadily coming in for the Ark Encounter. Instead, CT used old figures.

Well then I shall use up-to-the-moment figures directly from the AIG site updated today.  Funding for the Ark by month:

Funding for Ham's Ark through 1 July 13

Considering that AIG was planning to break ground in 2013, it looks to me that the funding has, indeed, ground to a crawl.  At the rate of donations over the last six months, it will take many years to reach the goal of $24 million US.

It could be that Ham's supporters aren't willing to part with their hard earned money once they learned that the Ark Park would be a for-profit entity.  I'm sure none of us would donate money to Wal-Mart so they could open a new store, and this is no different.  Let the people who will take the profit invest the money.  And on top of that, the state of Kentucky has promised tax breaks and thus enhanced profits for Ham and his cronies.  It would be stupid to donate good money so Ham can enrich himself and his undisclosed investors.

Or, better yet, Ham should convert the donations into investments and share the profits with those who donate.  Another option would be for people who want to donate to the Ark Park to contact AIG and ask about details concerning investing money to share the profits rather than donating so someone else can make the profits.

It takes a lot of brass to solicit donations for a for-profit business.


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zilch said...

I can only concur. Shame on you, Ken, for using Jesus to make you rich.