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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Warped, Vile, Flawed, and Fractured logic of Ken Ham

Noah's Ark is merely a harmless myth perpetuated by the fundamentalist science deniers in the USA because where science conflicts with the bible myths they have no choice but to lie about and obfuscate valid science.  But one of their more nefarious activities is shown in the exchange below which I picked off the AIG Facebook page (which is heavily censored.)  They were talking about climate change, with Ken Ham denying it, of course. So then a fellow Christian tries to defend taking care of the planet as a mere 'good thing' to do, but Ken Ham is having none of that.
What is worse though is that Ken Ham is making his normal case that if you're not his brand of Christian, you have no basis for morality or for doing good of any kind.  He is essentially demonizing anyone who opposes his myopic views.

Neil Smith Obviously as a Christian I would like to see people come to Christ, but my point is that this has nothing to do with religion. I see too many people slamming the efforts of those, who aren't Christian, for trying to make our planet better and cleaner.

Ken Ham Neil--why? On what basis? Without a biblical basis you have no foundation for your statements--they are just your opinion. For instance in an evolutionary world why shouldn't man be allowed to do whatever he wants to do after all, he is just another selection pressure and maybe lots of pollution etc will actually help the next stage of evolution! It's only a Christian on the basis of a true understanding of history concerning a perfect world marred by sin and God giving man dominion and what that means in a falle world we can even begin to talk about this. Bottom line--what you stated is your opinion..why should people accept your opinion--they may have different opinions--it's why we all need an absolute authority to whom we are accountable or anything goes.

Open Letter to Ken Ham

Ken Ham,

I am convinced that you know better than what you are saying.  I am also convinced that one time back in the day that you bought into the inerrancy of the bible due to the cultural conditioning by your parents that you have spoken of in the past.  And I don't doubt that when you started your ministry that you were still convinced of, and emotionally bound to your views.  But now, after all the evidence and present day examples available to you, you are merely trying to hang on to the dwindling number of minions from whose pockets you pick on a regular basis.  Yes, power is addictive.  There was a time in your life where you went from a "believer" to a self appointed member of the "Priestcraft," or those who find being a religious leader provides you with a good many credulous minions who end up financing your bankrupt ideas.  But even more important to the Priestcraft is that once you come to the realization that your ideas are, in fact, worthless, your followers stay faithful as long as you keep up appearances.  Some of the Priestcraft have moved on to more fertile ground in the realization that bible inerrancy is a dying and failed philosophy, such as Joel Osteen, Rod Parsley, Joyce Myers, Rick Warren, et al, while you circle the wagons, go into your bunker mentality and lash out against everybody including fellow Christians.  And yes, I am sure that you are filling a niche market that others are abandoning. Actually, that is to your advantage, financially, since you don't have to share your diminishing number of minions with as many fellow members of the Priestcraft.

In this case you state that,
 "On what basis? Without a biblical basis you have no foundation for your statements--they are just your opinion. For instance in an evolutionary world why shouldn't man be allowed to do whatever he wants to do ..." 

That line of thinking is just as worn out and irrational as the idea that he universe is only six thousand years old.  Have a look at Japan where there are virtually no Christians. They have laws and their crime rate is less than here in the USA.  They plan for the future and have moral and ethical standards just like every other tribe/culture.  Hammurabi codified moral laws laws in the 17th century BCE, ~400 years before the supposed Moses.  The development of modern morality and ethics is a process of sociocultural evolution.

Cooperation between humans turned out to be a effective survival skill.  Empathy evolved along with all the aspects of human nature including the drive to reproduce and be a productive member of the tribe.  Empathy is the bedrock of ethics and morals.  The law of reciprocity (don't hurt me, I won't hurt you) has been around far longer than your bible stories.  Recent finding show unequivocally that we all have mirror neurons in our brains which show that when others hurt, we hurt. When others are happy, we share that happiness almost as if it is our own.

Those are moral concepts that have been universal for eons.  The additional religious laws like honoring a supernatural being or not working on Sunday are merely control devices invented by your fellow members of the Priestcraft back in the day.  This is evidenced by the fact that the laws are of the USA are quite universal in nature.  They are not founded on the Ten Commandments since only three of the ten commandments are ensconced as laws in the USA and they are universal laws common to most human cultures.

There are non-theists the world over that do hold the cause for the common goodwill, the preservation of the earth, and the well being of their descendants while finding no evidence whatsoever for any supernatural beings or an afterlife.

Respectfully submitted,




Anonymous said...

Hammy says: "it's why we all need an absolute authority to whom we are accountable or anything goes."

Duh anything goes. It doesn't matter who you are, whether you are a Christian, Muslim, or Atheist, anything goes. People are free to act in any way they want (Negative actions may result in undesirable consequences) The presence or absence of a supernatural deity to be "Accountable to" doesn't seem to be making much of a difference.

Anonymous said...

As if the Japananese never knew God.